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Just over a year ago, a community came together to celebrate the imminent arrival of its newest member.  Last weekend, we celebrated her first trip around the sun, and premiered the video shot on that day along with an animation that imagined the subtler, behind-the-scenes story.

Today, on Mother’s Day, that labor of love animation and video is unveiled to the world.

While such a production obviously takes many hands and hearts to pull together, it also points to the love and care that John Silliphant and Loveleen Dhillon invest into everything they do and every friendship they cultivate.  What else could motivate Jonathan Bhuvanesh Mason to put in the hundreds of  hours and many all-nighters needed to animate the opening sequences?  How else would Smita Khatri and Vicki Virk of DholRhythms conceive every dance step and then train a small army of love warriors to execute them?  Why would the Scott & Anamika Stoller cook vegan, sattvic feast for one hundred in a park?  Why else would body artist Alvin Petty wakeup at 5am on a Sunday to paint a belly for 4 hours straight?

May all beings live in such blessings.


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