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Knowing the slaughterhouse is there is one thing — seeing what happens inside is another. “No, that might be too much,” said Mr. Barber, who confessed that the first time he visited a slaughterhouse, he experienced the same visceral revulsion that non-foodies often do.

So say the founders of a New York restaurant and farm that have decided to put their slaughterhouse on site to cater to growing ‘locavore’ tendencies and rising fuel prices.

They are looking for ways to open up even the slaughterhouse to their patrons, albeit cautiously.

The slaughterhouse, he said, is just as much a part of the farm’s reality as the baby lambs that were born last week. “It’s about life and death and disease, and that’s part of what it means to live in an agricultural community,” he said. “We’re not Disneyland.”

I’d be willing to bet that many people would cross-over from ‘locavore’ to ‘herbivore’ after witnessing their meat getting killed!

via NY Times


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